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    I have Bridgestone Select coverage on my tyres - now at 24 months, in good condition.
    The free service includes things like battery check.
    They asked if my A4 Avant (diesel, 2009) had start-stop because the battery in use was typically fitted to vehicles that have that feature. Mine doesn't.

    I'm not sure when this battery was fitted (I bought the car from son-in-law almost 5 years ago when he moved to UK) but I doubt it was the original delivered in march 2009.


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    My take on it is that you are better will more than likely be a more rugged battery, as stop/start as you can imagine, depending on the traffic, can give the battery and the starter motor a good workout. My RS3 does have stop/start, and the battery is a biggish thing...although I never use stop/start.

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