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Thread: 2018 RS3 235 19" OEM Alloy wheel - Suit Spare

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    Unhappy 2018 RS3 235 19" OEM Alloy wheel - Suit Spare

    I've had my repaired wheel sitting around for over 6 months now, so time to move it on. The story can be found in the A3 forums. Basically the dealer scratched the wheel, had it machined to the point where my OCD couldn't stand it. After endless back and forth the dealer agreed they had made a mistake fobbing it off as a brand new wheel. It was proven mechanically sound, just not what I paid for 1000kms earlier! Anyway I've got it available, the only caveat is when it was taken off the car they chipped the paint.

    $300 obo, pickup Brisbane Southside


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    Reasonable offer accepted, curb side cleanup up is in 2 weeks and I'd hate to put it out with a 6" egg in the rim 😆

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