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Thread: Major items in 60,000km service not done... 2015 A3 diesel

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    Talking Major items in 60,000km service not done... 2015 A3 diesel


    I bought a 2015 diesel a3 sportback two weeks ago with 70,000kms through a dealer. When I bought it, the major service items were not done at the 60,000km service (air filter, fuel filter, haldex oil, multitronic & s tronic oil, dust & pollen filter) and the car was already overdue for it's yearly service, so I got the first major service for free included in my sale contract. I've just dropped the car off this morning for the service, and they said they already did a minor service on it in December and would put it in my logbook. They said my next major service is at 90,000 kms which would be the free one. Can these major items go without being done until 90,000kms since the 30,000km service?

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    My advice is to follow the timings as set out in the service book. If certain items are due at 60k KMs and haven’t been done already, get them done ASAP.

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    Agreed. The only criteria in the event of some sort of claim is that the maintenance is up to date iaw the Book. The air and fuel filters are the least of your worries, the others are far more serious (expensive) if they go wrong.
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