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    Hi everyone, noob here...
    I'm after some advice about what to do with my garage-full of 1996 Green Audi A4 parts. They are the result of an accident my son had a few years ago and I inherited the wreck, and have since stripped all the usable parts from it. These include all seats, doors, windows, wheels/tyres/rims, interior panelling, right rear tail light assembly, various badges, ABS controller, glove-box assembly, air-conditioning tubing, radio/cassette/CD controller, all internal door trims, and both electric mirrors. I need some advice about how to sell and/or part with these - they're just a bad memory for me and I'd really like to get rid of them. The tricky part is it looks like I can't post a new thread in the For Sale section until I've posted at least 10 times...?? Seeing as I know nothing about these cars, I'm not sure how I can get my list of parts up for sale in front of those who might be interested. Any ideas?

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    As this is a car forum, I'd suggest Gumtree as a start to sell on these parts. You might need to consider the comments you offered as they send mixed messages, at least to me. On one hand you've stripped the car, can identify some really obscure parts and on the other, you know nothing about these cars. It's a tough market with few wanting parts for a 24 year old car, as the many of the sale notices on here can attest.
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    yeah, this confused me a bit. Anna, did you strip the car, or somebody else?

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    Sorry for the confusion, my neighbour stripped the car down and I have all the bits stored in my garage. The busted up chassis was taken away by a local tow truck fella and crushed. I am not in any way mechanically-minded but I have looked up a few of the parts online and found out what they're called, etc. I'm just keen to get rid of these for space and bad memories.

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    Thanks for the Gumtree advice - yeah, you're probably right about the age of the car. I was just hoping there might be someone in the group who is into these cars, who may be doing a restoration or needs parts or whatever.

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