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Thread: RS6 C6 2010 oil leak question

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    Default RS6 C6 2010 oil leak question

    Hi wonderful OzAudi peeps!

    My RS6 has developed an oil leak that requires constant topping up of oil and is leaving quite a lot of oil on the ground.

    I recently had the transmission rebuilt (Solitaire in Adelaide quoted me $30K for a new gearbox but got it repaired by Transtec for $3,700) and at the time was hopeful that while they had the car apart for that they could do the oil leak but they weren't confident to do so.

    I had asked Solitaire about the oil leak and they said it must be engine out (yeesh).

    Transtec seem to think it could be done by supporting the engine and removing the crossmember and the engine won't need to come out. They also said it seemed to be leaking from the dry sump pump drive shaft. However they are obviously not experts or they would have done it....

    Can anyone suggest a repairer in Adelaide or offer any advice? Obviously keen to do it without removing the engine.



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    $30k for a new transmission... sounds like Solitaire alright! RS6 has a ZF 6HP26 which are a bit under $5k from ZF new. $6-7k installed depending on the car. Solitaire are honestly the most incompetent bunch of rip-off merchants I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with, which unfortunately has been on and off since 2007 (although never for any actual mechanical work). Unfortunately it sounds like they may be correct on this point - from my own research on the RS6 that auxiliary shaft seal needs to have the no 2 turbo and manifold removed to get to, which means engine out. Even if you could do it with the engine in the car it would probably take more time in the end.

    In terms of someone to do the work, my work has a couple of VWs including a V8 TDI which we have serviced at German Auto. Prices are far better than Solitaire and so far they haven't damaged any of the cars (can't say that for Solitaire!) Might be worth getting them to quote it.
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