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Thread: Hello a new Audi Q5 owner fuel filter problems

  1. Unhappy Hello a new Audi Q5 owner fuel filter problems

    Hi Everyone

    We recently bought a Demo MY19A - AUDI, Q5 QUATTRO SPORT, 2.0L TURBO DEISEL, S-TRONIC from Audi Centre last Friday. My dad noticed later when the aircon wasn't turned on the engine would shake. He thought it was something minor and it was hot anyway so he had the aircon on and resumed driving.

    The last time he fuelled the car with Diesel was at Caltex at 02/02/2020. The car broke down on Tuesday morning 4/2/2020 and he got it towed to Audi. On Wednesday Audi centre told him that it's at the drivers fault because of 'bad fuel' and that it will cost $15k to fix and its not under warranty. Audi centre told us to lodge a claim.

    We requested a report but haven't got one yet. They sent us some photos and it seems there is some metal swarf/shavings in the filter.
    Comminsure came back to us saying they don't cover fuel filter problems.

    We got the latest fuel receipt reprinted from Caltex and requested Audi to get the fuel sample tested.

    We are totally devastated about this event and need some help or advice. Wasn't sure which forum to post

    Thank you

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    if the fuel was that bad, then surely you wouldn't be the only car that had the issue.

    I would get the garage to write a receipt that they have had no other queries on 'bad fuel' in the days before and after you visited. I'm making an assumption that they would have strict policies to have to record any and every complaint that they have. If no other reports, then it would suggest the problem lays elsewhere. Either way, it's not your fault. Isn't that what the filter is supposed to stop happening? Isn't it a sacrificial component?

    I would also ask for full service records (including any and all details) or the services since the car was new from the dealer. Was there anything that was 'fixed' prior to purchase?

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