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Thread: 60k service for A5 169 engine

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    Hi Iíve had several Skodas and just bought an 2016 MY17 A5 cab with the 2l 169 engine and noticed on the service schedule for 60k it has a ribbed belt mentioned. I assumed this was the same engine as my Octavia thatís early 16 build but my Skoda has a timing chain that doesnít get replaced for forever. Whatís the ribbed belt? Iím getting the feeling that Audi still used the older engine but even with Skoda it was my 2008 RS that last used a belt engine.

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    Ribbed belt is the accessory belt that usually drives the fans, power steering and air con.

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    So weird, it doesnít get replaced at all in my Skoda. Wonder why.

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    That is weird... as the ribbed belt ages it stretches and can fray or crack and cause overheating issues if it snaps. A good warning sign that it is due for replacement is if the belt squeaks. It's a $30 belt usually. You can have a look at the belt condition if visible, check for original markings on the belt.
    I would look into this with the workshop next time you take your Skoda RS in, since they are all based off the same motor, they usually carry similar service items.
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