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Thread: Keyless entry/start not working

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    Default Keyless entry/start not working

    Hoping someone has had this problem before and there’s a common fix.
    Yesterday, all features working, today no keyless entry and start button not working. So just using key in ignition for now.
    I changed the key fob battery. Still not working. Plugged in my scanner and got the following code

    - 00180 right access start authorisation antenna (R135) sporadic 011- open circuit.

    all fuses good. Downloaded workshop manual, found out R135 antenna is in the right rear passenger door. Just wondering if these antennas are a common-ish problem or should is there something else in the keyless system that could be causing this?
    Also does anyone have a part number for this antenna or know where I can get access to a parts manual.
    thanks in advance.
    2013 Q7

    *update* now have 2 more codes. One for drivers door touch sensor short to ground 00190
    And one for right rear door touch sensor short to ground 00193.
    making with the original code.

    There must be something common I need to look for that links these????
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    Reset body control module using ecu

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    You'll need to replace the door handle sensors. These are known to go bad. I just replaced all 4.

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