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Thread: 2020 RS Q3 Pricing

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    Default 2020 RS Q3 Pricing

    Hello folks!

    Any pro here wanna share their views on the current Australian pricing?

    You know in oz, we do need to dome some due diligence as the dealers would often like to take us for a ride if we are unprepared!

    Appears the standard car has already been spec'ed out pretty tastefully, the additional kits are non-performance based (black badges extra cost!!!)

    thanks folks

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    This is something I'm super interested about. I'm keen to get back into an Audi after my short break. I've got my eye set on a RSQ3 Sportsback to replace the GLA45 and the new GLA45 looks pretty bland to me from the oustside.
    2016 8V S3 Sportsback - Mythos Black - 19" S Performance Pack 2 wheels - Panoramic Roof - Black Optics

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