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Thread: Rear Wavetrac differential to suit B5 S4/RS4

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    Default Rear Wavetrac differential to suit B5 S4/RS4

    Hi Guys,
    Have my rear differential for sale.
    Its a Wavetrac. Installed when I did the rebuild on my RS4. About 5-10 000kms on it. I had it rebuild 150kms whilst searching for a odd handling issue the car was displaying. Diff is in A1 condition. Its installed in the B5 RS4 rear diff housing with new bearings and the backlash has been set correctly by the shop that did the work.
    This is a 30mins swapover Job for a B5 S4/RS4.
    Diff weights 33kg. Can ship Australia wide.
    $1500 plus shipping.

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    I have lots of pics is anyone is interested.

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    still available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bewayne View Post
    still available?
    Yes still avalible.

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    What ratio is it

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    Quote Originally Posted by RussellG View Post
    What ratio is it
    What do you mean?
    The gear ratio is as stock. If you are asking about the locking ratio, its not relevant here as its a torsen type diff, not a clutch type.

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    im wondering if this would fit my coupe in any way.
    Im looking for a rear diff at the moment.

    Let me look into it mate, and if it does i will snap it up straight away
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    Has this sold?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsol View Post
    Has this sold?
    It's still available.

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    Had a lot of interest in this but no commitments. Im open to reasonable offers. Really want to move it on so someone can enjoy it and get use out of it. It doesn't fit my new car.

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