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Thread: B5 S4/RS4 Performance Exhaust. Full System.

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    Default B5 S4/RS4 Performance Exhaust. Full System.

    Hi Guys,
    Have the exhaust off my car for sale.
    It consists of Wagner tuning downpipes. These are 3in turbo back with OEM bolt in fitting. They have 100cell 4.5inch Metallic cats. I have had 2 extra bungs fitted so they can take the 4 OEM 02 and 2 extra wide band O2 sensors. These have the RS4 K04/RS6 K04 dual flange so they will work with stock turbos, RS6 turbo or any TTE turbo up to the TTE880s.
    Top half has been ceramic coated in the UK with Zircotec performance white. This offers a 33% reduction in surface temps and is rated up to 1500 degrees Celsius.
    The down pipes were then coated in a Satin black ceramic for a stealthy OEM look.
    From the cat back. I have a Milltek dual 60mm exhaust. The whole system has been coated in satin black ceramic(cost $1000 for the ceramic).
    I have both the resonated and non-resonated link pipes. I ran the system non resonated and it was quiet for regular driving. Sounded awesome when WOT. Can Whatsapp a video clip if your interested.
    System has 5-10 000kms on it. Its in very good condition. Looks OEM when looking under the car. Cost about $7000
    Looking for $3000 for the whole system plus shipping.

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    This is one of the best turbo back sounding B5 2.7t exhaust out there.

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    $2500 plus postage.

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    This exhaust on a stock but well kept RS4 with a ecu retune is how you make 490hp at the flywheel. After this your fuel injectors max out and your AIT go too high to make power. Best mod for an otherwise stock RS4. Surely someone in Australia need to make their B5 RS4 much Faster?!

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    Still available.

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