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    Hi everyone,

    2000 TT Quattro 165k

    Just wondering if anyone else had the problem of the battery slowly draining after sitting for 2 weeks? I know that the electric water pump runs for 10mins after you switch off the car, however one time I notice that it didn't switch and i had to remove the battery neg to get it to stop.

    Any thoughts?

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    It happens, for 1,000 different reasons. You need to get your diagnostic hat on and trace where the current is being consumed. Obviously need to confirm your battery health first. after that it's a slog. Someone may come up with suggestions and they may hit it off, or not. You can spend a lot of money if you attack every suggestion that comes your way. For the less technically inclined, you could start by just removing one fuse at a time and see what happens. Many can condense the issue to one circuit just by doing that. You'll eventually need a DMM and maybe other tools to get further into the problem.
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    Check for any lights on , if not just jump on YouTube, look up battery drain testing. You'll need a multi metre and they will show you how to test if you actually have something draining . Using amps metre on a multi

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