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Thread: Audi engine conversion into Nissan patrol

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    Default Audi engine conversion into Nissan patrol

    Hey guys buddy here.

    Thanks for accepting me to the forum.

    We are currently building a promotional vehicle (Nissan patrol)

    we specialise in doing different types of engine and suspension conversions to Nissan patrols.

    Reason for joining this page is we are looking for an Audi engine to put into a Nissan patrol.

    We are after something that's not to old but not to new . Something we can still allow for a standalone wiring loom. Automatic or manual is not an issue.

    The soul reason for the build is to promote our td42 engine conversion And our nissan patrol leaf to coil conversion

    Showing people we can put an Audi engine into a Nissan patrol will give us awesome results.

    Any info muchly appreciated.

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    Wow, you like a challenge.

    Stick a Barra/LSx in with a Haltech and it will cost you 1/3 of doing it compared with an Audi V8

    What Audi engine are you thinking of using?

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