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Thread: 077 3.7 litre for off road racing buggy

  1. Default 077 3.7 litre for off road racing buggy

    I have an off road racing buggy that i'd like a small powerful v8 for, the 077 3.7 litre looks to be just about perfect. my question is what are the ins and outs of dropping one of these into a none audi vehicle.

    PLease excuse me if this is in the wrong place. Let me know and i can move it or repost elsewhere

    * Does the BCM become a factor or are they able to be bypassed.
    * Is there a reliable automatic that i can adapt to a landrover transfer case
    * Has anyone imported the hardware from overseas as they are far more plentiful there and not nearly as expensive

    I've had a look around and there is a bunch of info about dropping them into other audis but nothing i could find on use in other vehicles. (pic of what we are talking about)

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    Welcome, what do you mean by BCM?
    There are plenty of auto/manual 'boxes though not sure if they are compatible with Range Rover.
    Why not a 4.2? They are identical in size unless you have to limit the capacity?
    Unless you want drive by wire I would be looking at a 077 from a D2 A8 (ABZ engine code). These have a cable operated throttle body.

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    For the class im limited to 3.9l or less. good advice on the drive by wire info.

    BCM = body control module. ie. the computer that runs the car. most older vehicles have an engine control module and transmission control module, but newer cars with a body control module are difficult to use in engine swaps as you need to retain alot of the vehicle wiring.

    Compatibility with range rover isn't necessarily compulsory, something that is short enough to allow easy conversion. I currently have a suzuki v6 and 4 speed auto, into custom dual transfer cases so machining and fab isn't an issue.

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    Sounds like a cool category. From my experience if you stick to pre CANBUS vehicles (2000 and earlier) you won't have that much difficulty getting everything to work. Plenty have been swapped into MR2s, Boxters, Lotuses etc. D2 A8 with 3.7 looks like the one.

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    Nice, now to find one that doesnt cost me an arm and a leg.

    Any one had any luck importing long motors from europe?

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    I've looked into it. More cost effective to buy a whole salvage vehicle (Pickles etc). Air freight is around $1200 or slow boat $300 and upwards.

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    Fair enough. What are the 3.7s like for aftermarket performance parts?

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