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Thread: I can't remove front passenger door actuator M8 screw on my audi a3

  1. Default I can't remove front passenger door actuator M8 screw on my audi a3

    My 2006 a3 front left door won't open from the outside.
    As I was following the door panel remove and finally can see the door actuactor, but can't remove the two M8 screws on the side. It's like they sticks hard to the door. I tried spray some wd40, didn't work. Anyone knows how to deal with this?
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    Impact driver would get them undone with an M8 but if you have it, they likely have some of that blue thread seal on them which needs to be cracked first.
    Otherwise put some muscle into it and donít let the bit twist out, or use an extension if you have an L shaped M8 tool.

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    mild heat if you can, softens the thread locking compound, and generally softens the metal so the threads can slide easier
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffdoggy View Post
    That didnít work for me

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    Its probably not the best way but I had a similar issue with my A4. I found an Allen key which fitted snugly into the torx splines and cracked it loose that way.

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    This set is great for hard to reach places.

    Like back of pcv on rs4

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    thanks mate, I gonna try again later this week to see if I can remove them!

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    I gonna try lighter to heat a little bit to see if it will work! Thanks mate.

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