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Thread: Bargain shopping

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    Default Bargain shopping

    Anyone els take up the coupon offer on eBay for the Castrol Longlife III 5w30?
    20L for $294 very cheep!
    Free delivery!

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    Yet more bargain shopping!!!!

    20L of DSG oil for under $300 and H&R springs for under $500 unbelievable

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    More bargains
    Got my Tig welder and received a $200 store credit return and bought a sandblasting cabinet

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    You're assembling quite the workshop TYR382.

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    Yeh itís getting there.
    Next on the list is a welding bench

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    Very practical equipment! I'm jealous.

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    Yeh Iím doing my best with the space I have. I move around a lot so everything has to be able to be packed up and stowed away. I wish I was able to have a shed out back but unfortunately thatís not an option for me unless someone here has an idea on male a portable work shed ?

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    Talk about a FFen bargain

    I canít believe how cheep I got those caliper covers for that is absolutely a steal. Normally over $100
    Australia dealer ask way over $100 each for them
    And the H&R spacers well that was the icing on the cake.
    I was gonna be paying shipping for the caliper covers anyway so may as well get something to fill he box so basically i got free shipping with the caliper covers and with the discount with the spacers that was icing on the cake.

    This was a good buy.

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    Comes and goes. I had a wanted Ad for a set of transmission mounts on here but nil response so started the search. A wrecker in the UK is stripping a car but I need to get the part numbers to confirm the correct bit, a random US seller has offered up a set but again no confirmed part numbers. New from the US varies by quite a bit from US$257 the pair to ECS at US$330, so ECS on this part are starting to live up to the highest price reputation again. On top of the base price is shipping with US$50 being the cheapest anywhere, plus the possibility of GST and import duty on arrival here.

    Priced a set from the local VW dealer and the price bought locally with all paid is actually less than the best total delivered from the US. Interesting outcome even though the best case is still over AU$500 for a pair of alloy mounts.

    Lessons learnt:

    As said in previous posts, the US is not automatically cheaper for parts to your door. Some yes, some no however, I have had huge savings like more than 50% on AU prices too.

    When you're buying a used part whether locally or internationally, pays to check that you're getting what you think you are. I bought a gearbox with the blind assumption that the mounting brackets would be included. The seller saw them as separate parts and they may well have been scrapped in the process as they can no longer be found.
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    Agree normally I get my parts from
    They have the cheapest brake pads and rotors.
    But these caliper plates where a steel.
    Ya paying like $130 AUD normally just for one

    These where a bargain. I only got the spacers because I couldnít justify paying the shipping alone on these items so I had my eye on here spacers for some time now. May as well get ya moneyís worth

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