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Thread: 7 speed DSL transmission no drive

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    Hi this is my first post .
    I have an A1 2013 model Audi with no drive . It was driving great no issues until random I had do drive or reverse and only done 56000 km .
    can anyone recommend someone who is honest and can fix a DSL automatic transmission ?
    I already got quoted $8000 to fix and that is way to much
    . I rang up Audi Australia because I heard there was a recall but they said that what my car problem has it has nothing to do with the recall which was the accumulator in the transmission cracking,
    has anyone else had this problem?

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    You may have a case under Australian Consumer Law. The transmission shouldn't fail within 7 years and only 56000km. First step is to get an Audi dealer to diagnose it then request goodwill. But if they refuse you have to be prepared to take them to court.

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    Unless that $8000 quote is from an Audi dealer? Probably is given the price.

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    There has recently been an additional recall on these - would be worth getting in touch with your local dealer to confirm if your car is affected (should also be a VIN list in the below link):

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    I spoke to Auldi Australia again saying that I will take legal action and they should honor the recall which effects the transmission so it is getting towed today fingers crossed they donít try to blame something else 😩
    thanks for the reply

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    That happened to me with a 2009 A4 Avant with the same 7 speed DSG gearbox. The car was 7 years old with just under 100,000ks at the time and Audi replaced the Mechatronic unit under good will. It's an $8,000 repair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cam1980_1 View Post
    Hi this is my first post .
    can anyone recommend someone who is honest and can fix a DSL automatic transmission ?
    At 56k km and 7 years, I would be arguing ACL.

    But if the time to argue ACL isn't worth it you or you just want to take it to a mechanic anyway, I can very much recommend Exoticars in North Parramatta who have looked after several cars of mine.

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