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Thread: Painting/Powder-coating Factory Wheels?

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    I like the look of the factory wheels on my 2018 SQ5, but think they'd look better all black so looking to get them painted or powder coated.
    Anyone got any tips for getting this done, or can recommend places?

    I rang around and any powder-coating place will do this, but my challenge is getting 4 wheels off the car at once, getting the tyres off the wheels, storing the vehicle with no wheels for a week, then putting it all back again. Would prefer it a place could do the whole lot for me. Anyone done this before?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cloudpants View Post
    Anyone got any tips for getting this done, or can recommend places?
    Anywhere in particular in Australia?

    There is lots of places that offer a same day turnaround for painting a set of wheels (ie you can drop your car off in the morning and pick it up EOD with repainted wheels).

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    Have you thought about plasti-dipping the rims? Never done so myself so have no idea how good/how long it lasts, but might be worth a shot to see if you want to go with the black look before completely locking in.
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    Never heard of Plasti-dipping until now. Just looked up some videos on YT, it looks pretty cool.
    I'm in Sydney if that helps.

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    Got recommended a place that does the full service (ie drop car off, pick car up with newly painted wheels) but cost is $1040(!)
    Almost easier to buy new wheels. The only catch is that 21x8.5 is not a common size...

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    Update: Got sick of searching for a place, so went with this place which is close-ish to where I live:
    Ended up costing $1200 all up, drop off/pick up service. The Sand blasting machine broke while the car was there so it took 5 days rather than the 3 days I was told, but I didn't need the car and I'm happy with the result.

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