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Thread: 2014 B8.5 A4 Avant build thread

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    Default 2014 B8.5 A4 Avant build thread

    So I wanted to make a build thread for other A4 owners with the CNCD engine found in the facelift 8.5 from 2013 onwards. The issue with modding this version has been because of the engine update in the EA888.3 which was not in the 8.5 A4's in the US and therefore many of the engine performance parts do not work on this engine. However, with the delivery of the B9 to the US it has opened up a number of options which can be fitted to our vehicles.

    Current Mods:
    B8/B8.5 DSG 034 Motorsport transmission mount insert -
    B9 A4 Forge Motorsport Catch Can -
    B9 A4 Forge Motorsport Blow off Valve -
    Leyo Motorsport Oil Filter Cover -
    ECS Turbo Muffler Delete -
    Snail Turbo Hybrid CJB IS20 Model S -
    B8.5 Wagner Intercooler -
    B8.5 Wagner Intercooler turbo silicone pipe - included with intercooler
    Custom Intercooler to throttle body pipe
    034 Motorsport MAP Sensor Flange -
    RS7 Spark Plugs
    RS3 Coil Packs
    Bilstein/Eibach B12 Pro Kit -
    Eibach Pro Rear Springs -
    Niche Misano 18x8 Wheels in Gun Metal
    P3 Gauge -
    etuners ECU and TCU Tune -

    With the part list out of the way, I can start the story.

    Stage 1

    First Mods to the car were the 034 transmission insert, the Bilstein/Eibach B12 kit and a set of Rotiform BLQ. The car was still under warranty so I didn't want to tune and void the engine and gearbox (luckily I didn't) so instead I decided to get a Burger Motorsports JB1 on the car - At the time the JB1 wasn't really tested on the A4 so I had to spend some time checking engine schematics against the Golf GTI to check we had the same plugs. Once I confirmed it was I ordered one put it in Map 2 and that kept me happy for a while.

    Stage 1.5

    About 6 months after the wheels and suspension went in, along with the JB1 I started getting an epc light in the dash. It was intermittent at first, but after a week it was constant as soon as the car came on boost. I took the JB1 off and took it to Audi who said the turbo was dead. It actually wasn't and it was just the actuator, but Audi Australia was footing the warranty bill so the dealer said it needed a complete turbo. Luckily the JB1 wasn't detected in the logs and I got a brand new turbo under warranty.

    Once it came back I upgraded to a JB4 and changed the intercooler for the B8/B8.5 ecs tuning unit - At the time of purchase, it didn't come with the reducers to connect to the stock turbo pipes, so I had to source a 2.5 to 2.25" silicone reducer along with 2.25 to 2.25" aluminium joiners. It was a bit janky, but it did the job.

    This kept me happy for a little while using a custom map developed with George at Burger Motorsports help.

    Stage 2

    Like all car enthusiasts we're never quite happy right? I felt it needed more and through my mechanic I got in touch with etuners to discuss tuning options. While APR had a stage 1 tune, I wanted more and etuners had done a stage 2 tune for my model already. All I needed was a downpipe. Due to the engine being a CNCD with the IS20 turbo none of the normal B8/B8.5 downpipes would work so I had to go custom - side note, I later found HG Motorsport does do a downpipe for the 8.5 with the CNCD engine, but with taxes etc it would've cost more than what I paid. I took it to Rob Bliss Exhaust and had a 3" downpipe made up with a 200 cell HFC. I also added a Forge Motorsport BOV because I'm a big kid and love the noise and catch can to mop up any blow by from the PCV.

    With the downpipe on we loaded up a ecu and tcu tune and managed a respectable 185kw at the wheels.

    Compared to the JB4 it felt more powerful both at the bottom and top of the rev range.

    Stage 3

    Like the jump to stage 2, the jump to stage 3 was because I needed more. I nearly sold the A4 for a MK7.5 Golf R Wolfsburg wagon, but the numbers didn't add up and the deal fell through. So instead I started looking at hybrid turbo options. I came across a Audizine post for the Kolbenkraft Tuning IS20 - and around the same time The Turbo Engineers released details for the TTE370L and TTE440L - However, my tuner recommended snail turbo as he received a turbo from them and had made some great power with it. I sourced a used turbo on eBay from a B9 A4 with a bung actuator for a $100 as the seller had it replaced under warranty and didn't know what was wrong with it. It was sent to snail turbo and we went with the model S spec to keep almost stock spool with a bit more top end.

    At the same time the water pump/thermostat developed a leak so I had it replaced at the same time the turbo was installed.

    You'll see I also had an autotech HPFP upgrade in this photo which sadly didn't work out at the time and will be for a future update to the tune.

    With it all installed we hit the dyno again for further tuning. It ended up being a long night as the autotech HPFP piston caused issue with the stock HPFP sensor and we ended up having to swap the HPFP for a stock one which resolved the fuel cut issues we were having at 5000rpm. With the HPFP replaced we made 222kw with a very heat soaked intercooler.

    As we had found the limit of the ecs intercooler I decided it needed to be replaced with a bigger unit. I settled on a Wagner unit as it was made for the 8.5 with the CNCD engine.

    At the same time the intercooler outlet pipe cracked so I needed it fixed before I could get the intercooler installed. The issue was there was no off the shelf parts and I was going to have to go custom. That wasn't too hard any exhaust/fab shop worth their salt could weld some pipes together with silicone couplers and we'd be fine. The problem however, was the MAP sensor in the intake pipe and how I could get it to work with a custom unit. I stumbled upon the 034 MAP Flange and while it didn't specifically say it worked with the MK7 GTI/R or the B9 A4 it looked about right so I took a leap of faith, bought it handed it to Dan at Elite Exhausts in Brendale and he did a stellar job putting it altogether.

    With that issue resolved we could then put on the Wagner.

    With that on I saw a 10c drop in IAT over the ecs unit and more importantly it didn't suffer any heat soak no matter how many pulls I did. I'm not sure of the current power it's making but suspect its more than the 222kw we managed previously.

    Future Mods:

    Next step once Rona settles down will be to finish of the exhaust with a custom cat back using varex mufflers. Will also get a custom inlet tube fabricated to replace the factory plastic pipe at the same time. Finally I'll source another HPFP and swap the piston with the autotech one from the faulty unit and then get it back to tidy up the tune some more.

    I hope this helps anyone else with the 8.5 and the CNCD engine in modding their cars and what is able to be done.
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    Other Mods:

    So in addition to the story above I've done a few other mods to the car which I wanted to note separately.

    First is the MST Intake. This is a bit like the K&N Typhoon intake except it comes with a silicone pipe that works with the intake/boost sensor pipe -

    The heatshield fitment wasn't amazing so I ended up going back to stock.

    Second was the P3 Gauge.

    One of my favourite mods beside the BOV, but boy oh boy is it a pain to install.

    The only other non-performance mods I may do will be a DSG shifter change and a Naviplus install to add carplay. If I do I'll update in a separate post.

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    Subbed, great write up....I have the same car and motor, keen to know how much power your making with the HPFP and bigger intercooler

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    Quote Originally Posted by plazski View Post
    Subbed, great write up....I have the same car and motor, keen to know how much power your making with the HPFP and bigger intercooler
    Thanks mate. I've actually decided to move on from this platform so I haven't gone any further with the fuelling or turbo. At this point I can say it's match for a stage 2 pre-FL RS3 on rolls, so I assume with the better intercooler it's making closer to 250kw and the quick spool of the IS20 helps with the jump.

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