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    Just upgraded from a A4 to 2014 A5 sports hatch 4 door which I love however I have noticed the suspension is much harsher but more importantly has a lot of cabin noise. I am running 20 inch wheels at about 38psi. So whenever I go over a bump especially on a cold day the cabin makes rattle noises like something plastic is loose and the sounds sound like they are coming from various places. I have taken off the parcel shelf’s thinking this may be the cause but still same. Is this normal, anyone else experiencing this with this model as never had this issue with my A4 sedan?

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    I would firstly check that everything is secured properly in the spare wheel well.

    You could also consider dropping your tyre pressures by a couple of PSI (to say 36).

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    I'm running 20 inch rims on 2008 S5 and no real rattles at all.. (2 door though).

    As Alister has said, take EVERYTHING out of the car that you can find in any spot (under seats, glove box, boot, boot pockets etc)... then try again to make sure that it's 100% mechanical rattle..

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    Might be a red herring but......on my SQ5 a few years ago we had a mystery suspension knock and eventually Audi Centre Canberra fitted a couple of transducers in the engine bay and traced it straight away to a couple of untightened suspension turret bolts on one side - tightened .....job done.
    Hope this may in some way assist.


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