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Thread: B9 S4 EA839 oil change after break in

  1. Default B9 S4 EA839 oil change after break in

    Hi all,

    Long time reader, first time poster after a recent acquisition of a new B9 S4 Avant =) Its the first 'new' car in 15 years after steadfastly insisting on buying many used cars for a very long time.

    Looking for advice of local owners or mechanics who work on the EA839. I've done a bit of reading done on a post-break-in oil change, with some people insisting on it, others saying it's not necessary. Audi Oz say it isn't needed, but then speaking to several people in the service department, the reasons for this vary wildly.

    I have been told the engine in already broken in (probably true), there is a special break-in oil, there will be no warranty for engine issues if an oil change is done early - all manner of reasons that aren't all consistent with each other.

    Whilst I get that the recommendation is not to do it, is there any reason to expect adverse consequences if it was to be done?

    So some questions:
    1) Do Audi use a break-in oil that needs to be left in the car for 15k km? I was of the understanding it was filled with 0W20 VW508 oil from the factory, which the dealer servicing workshop don't use anyway (they use a Castrol 504/507).

    2) Whilst it may not be necessary, would any owners here consider doing a post-break-in oil change to be harmful to longevity of an engine?

    3) re: warranty worries - any new engine can blow up, and if it's going to do so, it will more than likely be in the first year or so. Would you avoid doing one so that in the event this happens, there is no chance of you being on the hook for a new engine if Audi were to claim that an out of cycle oil change contributed to it?

    4) If you did/would do it, would you re-fill with VW508 0W-20 (my local Porsche centre is the only place I have been able to find it for a reasonable price), or just go with 5W-30 504/507 as per Audi Oz?

    5) Would you do it at 1000km, 2000km, 5000km or some other interval?

    Thanks all,

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    Personally I wouldn’t bother, but if you’re worried about it have your oil tested at It is Audi after all and it’s not in their interest to make your car last longer. It would be interesting to see what they say after 2000 or 5000ks
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