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Thread: Disable Audi Pre-sense permanently?

  1. Default Disable Audi Pre-sense permanently?

    Googled this and lots of people seem to have the same issue but no-one seems to have an answer. All the threads I read have responses of "it works fine for me" or "It makes me safer", well if that's you then read no further, I'm only interested in turning the bloody thing off.

    So I bought an SQ5 because I like performance, but in only a few weeks in of owning my SQ5 I've had a few incidents where pre-sense has kicked and automatically braked the car on my behalf almost causing me to crash. Usually when the car is front is turning off the main road and I don't slow down because I can see that I'll clear the vehicle without collision. But the car has other ideas and emergency brakes all by itself which is quite scary when it happens because its completely unexpected, so I want to disable this permanently.
    Any idea how to do this?

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    I had this on my jeep and exactly the same issue. Can you reduce the sensitivity on one of the menus ( I could do in the jeep)?

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    Yes, the sensitivity can be changed (early, late etc).

    I had a similar situation to the OP occur in my RS6. The car jammed on the anchors and had there been a car behind me it would have likely caused an accident.

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