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Thread: 2010 q5 3.0 tdi P0193 code

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    Hi all,
    I just bought a q5 sight unseen (yes Iím one of them guys unfortunately) from Melbourne (Iím in Tassie), has it 2 days and the plug light started flashing and I lost a lot of power, I naturally thought it was a dpf regen cycle so didnít get too stressed, but 90kís and just on a hr down the highway it was still crappy, so pulled over, turned car off and on again and it went away......for around 10kís, stayed like that for another 50kís or so until I turned it off and on again and was fine for another 50kís til I got home, then it did it again today, so plugged scan tool in and got a P0193 code, and also seen that the dtc was reset around 100kís before I bought the car!!!!
    i have yet to look under the bonnet as yet, but quizzed the previous owner and he said they had the egr cleaned just before they sold it, so maybe Iím thinking a fuel line could be slightly blocked??
    are there any trouble shooting things i can do to save me from $$ hungry workshops that like to throw heaps of new parts at things hoping its gonna solve issues??
    cheers guys,

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    Not sure if this will help or not mate but I had similar symptoms when an intake hose came loose...

    I donít suppose that matches the fault code but may be if it is sucking in too much air it thinks itís not getting the right fuel mixture?

    good luck, hope itís something simple like that. I have also had faulty in tank pumps in the past so may be thatís an issue. Unfortunately it could be many things...

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