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Thread: 2004 S4 - Oil Sensor error

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    Arrow 2004 S4 - Oil Sensor error

    Hey guys, I had an Oil Sensor warning light pop up on my dash yesterday, a week after I topped up the oil - prompted by a Low Oil indicator.

    I doubt it could be something to do with me topping up the oil, wondering if it may be or a fuse for the sensor - something I can easily check / replace. I'm out in Bright/Hotham at the moment, so can't quickly pop in to my mechanic to have him check it out.

    Secondly, if the sensor is shot, is this something I can happily enough drive 3-4 hours back to Melbourne on?


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    Check the dipstick and make sure it is at the correct level.

    yes, you can drive as long as you have oil in the engine.

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    Better to rely on frequent checking of the oil through the dipstick than the warning light. What happens if the oil is actually low but the sensor fails to pick that up? The dipstick won't lie! And as Mike said, if there's oil in the engine, you won't have to worry about the sensor throwing the warning.

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    Plus one! If you have a full sump, no puddles of oil under the car and aren't blowing blue smoke, just pretend you're back in the day before sensors squared. Good for you too, get to have some bonding time with your car and for some to find out where the bonnet release is.
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    Awesome, thanks for that guys. Judging by the fact that the error goes away and pops back up multiple times in one drive, I'm guessing it'll be a faulty sensor as opposed to a fuse - so to the mechanic it'll go, but as you've all said no dramas driving it till then as long as I check oil levels. Cheers!

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