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Thread: G052515A2 vs G055515A2?

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    Default G052515A2 vs G055515A2?

    Can anyone confirm that the G052515A2 is now the G055515A2?
    According to the stealerships they are completely different but everywhere els other then ****s Vill uses the G055515A2?
    But according to the online catalog the G055515A2 is use used in models from 2014 RS5 models and onwards .
    So dose his mean the 2014 models where fitted with different clutch systems ? Or Is this just another parts number superseded?

    According to ecs itís equivalent?

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    i would be comfortable putting in G055515A2

    If you search
    G052515A2 on ECS it then forwards you to G055515A2.

    OEMWolf stats that 525 has been replaced by 555

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    Yeh thatís what Iím being told on audizine

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