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Hi Dirk,

Not sure if either of these are an exact perfect match for your alcantara in its current state of wear, but these are the two closest blues (by my eye) directly from the "off-the-shelf" alcantara colour sample catalogue>>

It is also important to note that each batch of Alcantara will always differ due to slight batch-dye variances, so it may be a very good match at one time of the year, and be slightly off at another time of year (time of ordering the material). However if you will be re-trimming the entirity of the alcantara elements in one go then it shouldn't matter too much if they are not an exact perfect match.

The supplier actually said it is extremely difficult to get a perfect colour match in alcantara due to those batch-dye variations, and also when combined with differing states of age and wear of the individual seat cover trims being replaced. Either way I hope that helps
I found this site in the UK. 27/07/2020 I sent an enquiry about the availability of sample swatches. https://shops.audi.com/en_GB/web/tra...rics/alcantara

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