A bit of help required if anyone can assist. I'm trying to ascertain the serial number of the gearbox fitted to my C5 RS6 on delivery. The cars books and options sticker only go as far as noting the gearbox model as GAG. I have approached my local dealer and both they and AUDI Australia say that they hold no records of the gearbox S/N fitted at the time of delivery. While this may be the case, it does seem lax. A PO has suggested that the gearbox may have been changed at some time in it's life (this is a known failure point so would be no surprise) but Audi's records only go as far as to say that they have no record of doing that job.

I imagine that I could go back to AUDI Germany as a last resort and I may or may not get a response. If there is anyone here who has some insider knowledge, I'd appreciate any tips or suggestions.