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Thread: 3-4 double X system

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    Default 3-4 double X system

    Looking at building a 3 to 4 system with a double X pipe on my RS5 starting from the down pipes. Iv seen AWEs 4 cat back system and JHMs X down pipe system.
    Giving two X pipes and a large diameter pipe should give a very deep sound and eliminating any high mids the large diameter emits.
    Just wondering if anyones done such a setup at this size.

    There should be no issue with the back pressure being that Im sticking with what ever JHM have done.
    My second Xover will either be at where the mid resonator is or just place it where the secondary cats would be.
    This is probably toning to be a straight though system but not sure yet. If I can get my hands on a set of RS5 mufflers I might put them on for control use.

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    Second thoughts I might go a H pipe

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    The gods bust be crazy

    Who in there right mind would spend over 2000 for 2 pipes lol

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    what the!!

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    Maybe they send a limo rather than a taxi. Seems a bit like the manual gearbox shifter delete.
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    I have been considering for a while now pulling the trigger on a full Capristo exhaust system for my RS5 but everytime I get close the $7 or $8k cost just makes me pause and I have not been able to justify it yet! The JHM 2.75" system gets some very good reports also but to get that shipped here plus exchange rate probably means still being up around the same $ mark as Capristo. I'm not mechanically gifted enough to consider building my own unfortunately. The stock sports exhaust is ok when the valves are open but it would be nice to hear the 4.2V8 symphony at 8,000rpms just a little more......

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    Personally Im not a fan of the sound of X pipes, too crackly for my ears. Hens why I think a double X Pipe would be the sound. You want that deep signature bass note during gear changes that RS5 V8 has. I just done hear that with a X pipe. I think a H pipe with some high flow dual resonators no rear mufflers would be the best sound but no one makes such a system.

    My plan is H pipe on the down pipes at 2.5 keeping good back pressure then replace the two secondary cats with two hotdog resonators dumping it out at 3 working its way out to the rear axel then finishing the rest off with a 4

    That should give a deep ass bass note at the lows and very clean at high rpm

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    Spoke to a couple of exhaust fab shops and they both assured me that the CFSA engine does not require a X over at any stage. They also made the sa,e point that he CFSA shares a relation with the Lamborghini 5.2 V10 and that engine does not have a X over at any stage of its system. Would anyone disagree or agree on this one?

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