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    Iím very interested in the lamborghini gallardo V10 5.0 flat crank. If thereís anyone here who owns one or knows a lot about them let me know. I want to know everything about them. Like is there AWD system Audiís Quattro? Why did Audi build his engine and never cross any of the tech over to Audi ? This engine was a one time only. Such a unique engine for Audi to do. In no way is it the R8 engine. Itís just not Audi

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    I had both generations of Gallardo - an 2005 5.0 L140 and a 2010 Balboni LP550-2 with the direct injection 5.2L.

    The AWD system in the Gallardo is the same as the R8. It’s a proper rear-biased system rather than a Haldex system like in the A1/A3 series cars. The e-gear gearbox was a Lambo abomination brought from the Murcialego and used in the Gallardo and pre-facelift first gen R8 (until 2013 when Audi replaced it with the DSG).

    The 5.0L engine was shared with the C6 RS6, though the Audi version was turbocharged. The R8 V10 first gen and the V10 S6 and S8 used a different V10 as you noted. The LP5xx 5.2L derivatives are shared with the second generation R8 and the Huracan.

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    Are you sure the 5L was in the RS6? The 5L V10 Gallardo has a flat crank even firing order. I donít think the RS6 was like this. It also revs a lot higher.
    Also you sure the Gallardo had a Quattro setup being that it was full mechanical with no electrical control over it ? Guys do RWD conversions on them buy removing the drive shafts all the time. Iv never known anyone doing this on a R8 or a Quattro set up?

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    I’m fairly sure the Gallardo and R8 AWD systems were the same - there are plenty of companies selling conversion kits that fit both models. For example - using the kit from https://lambor****

    For clarity though the AWD setup in both cars IS mechanical as you describe, so calling it Quattro depends on whether you’re using the sales and marketing definition (which is where my mechanical knowledge stops) or an engineering definition (in which case my RS3 is lying about being a Quattro too).

    Similarly the C6 RS6 does use the Lambo 5.0 V10 as the starting point, though again this is perhaps a marketing perspective more than a mechanical one. It was a clear point of differentiation in Audi’s sales pitch for the RS6 over the S6 - I remember it from test driving a C6 RS6 when it was new. Obviously there are significant changes beyond bolting on two blowers, and I’m out of my technical depth to talk to why Audi replaced certain components from the Lambo unit.

    Edit: I missed your other question about why Audi would build such a unique engine and not use it more broadly across the range. The answer is they didn’t - Lambo designed their V10 in the late 1990s as a lower displacement concept engine, prior to Audi buying the company. The L140’s V10 was built in Italy. Audi replaced it with their 5.2 FSI V10 from the LP series onwards. Hence why Audi never used that engine more broadly - they already had their own V10 which was used instead.
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    I fully disagree that the 5L flat crank has any relation to any Audi engine. For one all Audiís V10ís are FSI direct injection. The Gallardo 5L is port injection. Two, it has a flat crank even firing order with a spit pin crank design. In no way can this block and heads be shared with a FSI engine. I just canít see that happening and, there is no evidence shown this. Finally both RS6 V10 engines where 5.2L not 5L. There are no similarities with the two engines. These are two completely unrelated engines. Hens why Iím so interested in it.

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    The C6 RS6 has a 5.0L V10, not a 5.2L. The S6 and S8 had the naturally aspirated 5.2L V10. Here's a copy of Audi's specs brochure for the 2008 RS6 confirming that specification -

    My only experience is as an owner and is from the sales and marketing perspective. All the marketing materials released by Audi and re-published by journalists at the time the C6 RS6 was launched talk about the RS6's V10 being sourced and derived from Lamborghini's 5.0L V10 in the Gallardo. Here's just one example -

    There must be enough truth in that statement for Audi to have taken that position in its marketing - keeping in mind that Lamborghini was a relatively new purchase for Audi at the time the C6 RS6 was launched it makes huge sense for Audi to talk up the related engines. Nothing in the materials I have seen talks to exactly what changes were made in the transition from L140 V10 to TFSI BUH so I can only assume that there was enough Lamborghini engine left in the BUH for Audi's marketing claims to be taken seriously.

    That said I'm certainly no engine expert so I'm going to bow out at this point as I can't help any further with the detailed information you're after.

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    Hmmmm I over saw that fact they both share a dry sump and both have the same coolant pump locations.
    Although this is still not enough to say that it has any relationship. Thatís like comparing the CAUA V8 to the CFSA V8
    Both are 4.2, both are FSI but are completely different in every way. In fact the CFSA V8 has more in common with the 5.2 V10.

    Itís a shame you canít access any real information such as self stuffy programs or workshop Manuelís on this engine.
    In all, this engine is such a work of art for Audi and it should be celebrated as one of the best engines ever made by the VW Audi Group.

    Did you own a Manuel or auto ?

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    Unfortunately I only have the workshop manual for the LP550, not for the earlier car. It does look like the L140 manual is online though - try There's an extract on that page which suggests it might have useful engine information.

    Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 11.55.38.jpg

    Both my Gallardos were e-gear.
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    Whatís the percentage of import to Australian delivered? Been told itís hard to find a aus delivered Gallardo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muckman View Post
    What’s the percentage of import to Australian delivered? Been told it’s hard to find a aus delivered Gallardo
    I don't know exact figures, but the early L140 Gallardo (03-06) were both in the SEVS scheme and in the early 2010s when the AUD was quite high against the GBP there were a few companies bringing them in from the UK. A few might have come in from Singapore too - I know a couple of Murcielagos came in that way. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's hard to find an Australian delivered Gallardo though, I don't think there were huge numbers coming in from overseas via that scheme as there were still plenty of hoops to jump through and fees to pay and as soon as the dollar started falling again most of those importers closed up shop.

    The LP-series cars weren't in the scheme so the only non-Australian delivered cars would have been personal imports and thus not that common.

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