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    Hi all, first post.

    TBH I'm not sure what I'm doing... I have my a4 which I purchased in London about 10 years ago. (It's now here in Melbourne, Australia) it's a little beat up, but it runs well for a car with 200k on it. It's a 6 speed manual on the 2ltr TFSi engine, it's non-Quattro. It's just had the front quarter resprayed after the neighbour's mum drove into it, but the wife has decided it's time to get something else (don't laugh, I'm driving around in a KIA sportage GTline thing... ah) and the Audi has been sitting out the front for a couple of months and I need to decide... Sell or Keep? Keep only from the perspective of I learned to drive early (7, on a farm in rural victoria) and I have two boys, one's 10 and one's 6, and they've both steered the Audi on backroads etc....) do I keep it and let them have it, or sell it to someone that's interested in the non-standard delivery B7? Love your thoughts...


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    Sell it on, let someone else enjoy it for now & buy something RWD to teach them proper car control.

    I leant on a farm in an old Fiat 125 at the age of 10. Some of the best memories from my youth.

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    Your car, your money. It's not worth much to sell so cheap to keep if you have space and the willingness to keep it serviced. Nice to learn to drive a manual but will there be such a thing in 10 years time? I was driving a tractor at 5 so I understand, but you need to keep insurance and the law in mind on any road. Everything is good until it isn't.

    The opinion of any of us here is worth zip when it comes to something personal for you. Best you do what you think best.
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