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Thread: My new car. B8.5 S4 Avant

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    Default My new car. B8.5 S4 Avant

    Well, after my last car build which resulted in an untimely ending to a 3 year build, It was time to get back on the horse.
    I found finding a new car to be time consuming and rather exhausting.
    I wasn't set on any particular make or model. I just wanted a practical performance car that does it all. The one car garage so to speak.
    I looked at BMW M5, X5m Mercedes C63s, CLS63, CLS500, M63, Audi RS4, RS6 all before settling on a 2015 B8.5 S4 Avant in Misano Red with all the options and low kms.
    For me, its the best balance performance and practicality in a luxury car. Huge amounts of hidden potential from the factory lurking within.
    As a base to start from, this car has all the parts I wanted in my old RS4 as standard.
    Those parts are, Rear sports differential, Crown gear center differential. Dynamic steering. Instant throttle response! A special engine.
    On the engine, This is a 3.0T EA837 EVO V6. The 4th generation of the FSI V6 and only available in the last of the B8.5 S4's. This engine then found its way into the A6 and A7.
    This engine is greatly improved from the gen 3 3.0T V6 it replaces in the B8/B8.5 S4's.
    It still features a Eaton TVS1320 supercharger but that is where the real similarities end.
    Here is a Self Study program for those interested.

    Plans for the car also include a stage 2 tune from APR and a TCU tune to really unlock the potential.
    It is nice being back in a Audi Sports Avant again.

    Here are a few pics from its carsales ad.

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    welcome back
    Now - 2016 Golf R - Thinks he's an S3
    Then - 02 Golf Gti, 99 S4 Stage 1, 00 S4 Stage 3, 01 RS4 Stage 2, 77 Fox, 75 Fox, 87 200 Tq Stage 1, 82 coupe GT, 87 90 Quattro

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    Nice one - congrats.

    They're a rare car in Aus and that looks like a good example with most of the kit you would want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppoida View Post
    welcome back
    Quote Originally Posted by Alister View Post
    Nice one - congrats.

    They're a rare car in Aus and that looks like a good example with most of the kit you would want.
    Im pretty happy with this one. I have only seen 1 or 2 S4 avants in WA over the years. They seem pretty rare over here.

    I thought I would share a few more details of my plans for the car now parts are starting to pile up.
    Im looking to keep the whole OEM theme. No parts will be added that compromise the drivability/Reliability of the car.
    For the drive train, a set of 034motorsport mount inserts for the gearbox, rear diff, rear diff carrier and rear subframe have been seleted to minimise play whilst keeping the rubber dampening.
    A new pair of engine mounts from CTS turbo that are void free street density rubber to keep the engine tied down.
    A 034motorsport billet aluminium cross brace to keep the front subframe from flexing whilst cornering.
    A CR15 front strut brace to remove more chassis flex upfront.
    These are probably the only handling changes i will do as this will be my daily driver.

    Engine performance wise. A full APR stage 2 plus package with a Fluidampr for the crank pulley instead of the APR pulley. A K&N airfilter with a ported out stock airbox. APR cooling performance system.
    This with the stock exhaust system this should net about 500hp and 600nm at the crank on 98ron. All whilst being able to deliver 7.8l/100km(combined) if you can restrain from pressing the fun pedal..
    Ill be doing a APR TCU tune also so the car can rev out to 7200rpm up from the factory 6500rpm redline.
    Hope to start doing the work on the S4 in the next month.
    Ill post so pics of the upgrades taking place.

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    nice one. I was going to ask why you didn't go with a RS4 and the beautiful V8, but there is more tuning to be done on the V6

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnrdavo View Post
    nice one. I was going to ask why you didn't go with a RS4 and the beautiful V8, but there is more tuning to be done on the V6
    As good as the V8 in the B8 RS4 is, it is hard to go back to a na car after expirencing endless torque of a E85 turbocharged car. Throttle response is what i missed with my RS. Those 2 points are addressed with this new audi.

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    Wow that Audi Sport differential is amazing! Got to take the S4 for a blast through a winding hilly favourite road of mine and im blown away how much of a difference the rear torque vectoring diff makes. Drive into a corner as fast as you feel you can with the throttle just maintaining your speed and you get the classic understeer feel, but apply more throttle so the engine is giving more torque and all of a sudden you are turning much much tighter into the corner and you can release a good amount of steering lock.
    I'd highly recommend everyone into sporty driving to expirence these Audi sport differentials, you really can steer the car with the throttle. More throttle equals tighter turning almost as if the rear is rotating around.

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    Not many ultracharged systems around. My wife's s4 was the first in the country a few years ago. Highly recommend running e25 blend using e85 and bp98, really wakes her up. Also consider gutting cats as cats will eventually melt when running stage 2+.

    I've got an rs3 fl apr e85 and from 0-100 it's very close, the throttle response is way better on s4 with supercharger, but when the turbo on the rs3 kicks in with 400+kw it blows s4 away. Both 10 second 1/4 cars with right prep.

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    I have now got the car APR Stage 2+ Ultracharged as of last Friday. Everything went relatively smoothly. I had an issue with the 187mm fluidampr Pulley I received from iAbed at It was machined incorrectly and was throwing the supercharger belt out of alignment. Found out about this at 8am on Friday when tuning was booked for 12pm at a different workshop. Quick trip to the workshop and a hunt around for a machining shop to fix the issue kept me busy. I found an shop and was able to get the pulley machined to fit correctly with the belt correctly aligned. With the pulleys fitted and the belt running true, the coolant system was bleed and I was off to get the car tuned. I was only 1 hour late.
    I found out when I picked the car up after tuning that the car already had a APR stage 1 tune on it and it was installed December 2019 by the previous owner. This explains why I was neck and neck with a 2018 V8 Mustang. It was a bitter sweet moment, I saved about $2200 on the stage 2+ tune but it also wouldn't be the big power increase I was expecting.
    Since the tune I have put a few kms on and can safely say it feels a lot more torquey everywhere in the entire rev range. There is a little bit of supercharger whine now audible which I like. I am yet to really open it up as it gathers pace so fast now that i fear for my license.
    Handleing wise, the 034 x-brace and CR15 strut brace have changed the steering completely. Before it was vague and there was a spot just a few degrees off center where the steering got heavy, kind of like it was starting to bind up, once you got over this point it would go loose again but the car would steer a disproportionate amount over this bit. I really didn't like this before because it gave the feeling of tramlining, it made it difficult to maintain a soft curve on the freeway. I can only assume with was coming from the stock brace flexing as you steer. Since the braces have gone in, the steering is precise, it feels a little heavier but it is completely linear. Its much more confidence inspiring.
    I will update further after I put a lot more kms on.
    Here are some pics.
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    Very nice. Must be feel good to be in a modern car again! Although the old b5s were remarkably good for their age.

    Did I see it's also a manual. They must be few and far between.

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