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    Hey guys and girls

    Iíve just joined OzAudi first post !

    Im Sam Iíve just bought a little COVID-19 project car to play around with as being in Stage 4 lock down in Victoria need something to do at home !

    Iíll probably be asking for some advice on other oz Audi family members for some advice or recommendations.

    Iím just trying to bring this old little beauty back to life as it has been neglected 😩.

    I hope to be able to upload some progress pictures of the jobs I do as I go along for other people to see. ( maybe someone might be able to tell me the best way to start something like this)

    My Recently Purchased Audi

    Audi A4 executive B5. 1999 1.8L 125000km
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    Just check the airbag situation with this one. From what we have been told, they are unregistered as you can't change out the bag.... Do a search on the forum ..

    On the flip side, good luck!

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    Excellent heads up on the air bag. Plenty on here about it. Really low miles. If you can get through the airbag issues then you should have a great base to restore from. I wouldn't spend a cent until you get that sorted though. Whats the interior like? parts are becoming hard to find new and many wrecker parts are worn. Some parts are common with VW so don't forget to try them in your search as they may still have them on the books while Audi has deleted them. I got some bits just last week under that situation.
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    The whole airbag recall/buyback is a real dog's breakfast. For peace of mind, take the airbag out (2 torx screws from behind the steering wheel) to confirm which type you have. If it's a TRW you're lucky as they're not affected. If it's a Takata, there are different models involved and you'll have to do more research but that's a bad start.

    Next, check your VIN against this list Your car may have an unaffected airbag but end up on this list because of some screw up somewhere. Audi listed my A4 as an A6 and one of IchBautAuto's doesn't even exist so the records are screwy. If you have an unaffected airbag but you're on the list, at least you can argue there must have been an admin error and see what happens. It won't be an easy process but that A4 is low mileage and may be well worth your time.

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