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Thread: AUDI RF cables partially cut open to expose the outer shielding...

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    Question AUDI RF cables partially cut open to expose the outer shielding...


    Does anyone know the answer for this question ?

    I've been looking to buy some COAX extender cables with certain FAKRA connectors (GPS & GSM) to bring the connections that are terminated in the Boot to front console. Ebay naturally has some of the only cables I can find online.

    What perplexes me is that Almost all of the cable listings I see have removed about 10CM of its outer black sheath and have exposed the outer shield of the COAX to the elements. Does anyone know why this is done? Is there some sort of grounding involved for these cables ?

    Link 1 :

    Link 2 :


    Thank you

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    No idea sorry. You can buy fakra extension cables from audi. Below are the parts I used for an antenna modification on my S3 RNSe retrofit. The do come in longer versions.

    000 098 652A This is a 1.5m female to female Fakra cable
    000 098 692 This is a 30 cm male to male Fakra adaptor

    plug both these together to make an extension

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    Hi John,

    Thank you for the part numbers. That Male-Male cable can come in very handy.

    I can easily get the other cables from ebay and also put a Heat Shrink to cover the exposed parts.

    What I was worried about was whether or not 'partially exposing the Outer shield' a requirement for signal carrying cables (So they can touch the body and be grounded). If you didn't have to do it with your modification and if you have not seen this before in your retrofits then I guess it must've been something done for a specific model of AUDI bodies.

    Cuz I cannot see this in the cables in my S5 B8 as well.


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    They may have just done that in the pics to demonstrate the shielding in the cables (I can't see any other reason for it??).

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    It is quite a weird thing. Almost all the signal cables that seller has either a ground wire spliced into them or part of the wire stripped off to expose the outer shielding...

    That seller is polish so I'm not sure how open he/she will be to my English.

    Let me try to message and see. I'll post the answer here...


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    The reply from the seller below

    Question I asked >> "Could you please explain why part of the cable is stripped off to expose the outer shield ?"

    Reply received >> "Because the cables were connected. It is enough to insulate it with tape. The part is OE from the dismantle"


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