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    Hey all,

    I currently own a silver 2014 A4 S Line Quattro TDi, nice exhaust installed with great note and great fun to drive. I installed carplay into it a few months back and its my favourite daily in years. Had it about 18 months.

    I had an A3 before that, which I bought new in 2015. With a family expansion it quickly became a little too small. It was a great little car too.

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    nice one. Putting in carplay/android auto certainly does make the car feel more modern and was a step up for me in my 2008 ...

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    Yep, so glad I did it. Surprisingly cheap self install, around $430 Delivered to Australia in 4 days in the height of COVID with DHL from RSNAV for wireless carplay. No touch screen but seamless integration with the car, Siri pays for itself as it would never work with the factory bluetooth and the temptation of checking a text is not worth it.

    My wife looked at a 2021 Sorento last weekend and it has a 10.25inch screen, similar if not the same as the RSNAV V3. I may even upgrade to that in the future, its that good.

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