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Thread: Direct replacement for A4 B8 3 jet window washer nozzle, single slit type?

  1. Default Direct replacement for A4 B8 3 jet window washer nozzle, single slit type?

    Hi all,

    I have an 2014 A4 B8, it has the 3 jet windscreen washer, part numbers 8T0955988C (Right) and 8T0955987C (Left). They are not heated.

    The jets move around and clog easily, even using genuine fluids. My previous 2015 A3, which had similar jets had the same problems.

    I have seen slit style nozzle that produces a mist stream onto the windscreen. I cannot seem to get the right information on this type of product, hence the reason I am here.

    Some have said there is a direct replacement from A6 that will fit and has the horizontal slit style that is adjusted by a torx screwdriver. I have seen parts on cheap websites that show similar with heated inputs.

    Does anyone know of a direct replacement for the A4 B8 that will fit, with decent quality? Or if the A6 style is a slit and a direct replacement?


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    Hi all, not sure if anyone else is interested but will post anyway. I pulled the trigger on some Aliexpress cheapies, if they work well enough to keep awesome, but if they work in principle but are cheap garbage I may splurge for the real deal.

    Since they were bought from Aliexpress and I am still awaiting delivery for another package since the end of August, fingers crossed I get them this year.

    Here's the link to what I bought

    EDIT - the link just sends you back to the home page so I removed it

    The tag search, for the correct item is "For Audi A1 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 Q3 Q5 Q7 spray glass water nozzle 1 pair for Passat B7 B8 CC Caddy Golf 6 MK6 Tiguan" and it is $14.63AUD
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