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Thread: A4 B7 wrecking options

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    Default A4 B7 wrecking options

    Hello all,

    due to oil pump failure on my A4 B7 2.0LT Quattro S-Line and not being able to justify the 5k cost of engine replacement and clutch replacement I have come to the decision to part with it.

    What is the best option? Give it away to a wrecker who have offered about ($450) or try to strip it myself and sell the parts or try sell the car as is?


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    In my view there is no BEST option. It all depends on your customer/s. Common car so not a unique collectors version that people will spend up big on. Many will come to your conclusion that it's best to scrap it so won't chase the parts for their problems. My experience of others outcomes is that the prized items can go quickly and then you're left with a chassis (and maybe a lot more) that you possibly can't even move if you've sold the wheels. Engine is dead so one less item to sell. You just need to careful that you don't end up having to pay to remove something that you hoped would pay you something in the selling.

    Clearly in the right circumstances to the right person the car bits have a value, whether it's components, trim glass etc. Even panels for a minor prang. You just need to be lucky to find that person. Even a few of the so called highly desirable cars have only managed to move on a few major bits, eventually I've bought a few parts that just didn't sell although you'd think they would and a lot of the car went to the tip anyway.
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