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Thread: Remus, Borla or Milltek??

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    Hi everyone - I'm new to the forum and also a new Audi owner. I have an A3 S-line 2.0 Quattro Sportback and I'd like to sound a little bit more aggressive.
    I like the sound of this - does anyone have any experience with Remus?
    Id love to hear about your experiences on the topic.


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    They all have their good and bad points. For full systems, Noise level, drone, fitting issues, even ground clearance are all different and also different between models for the same brand. What works perfectly on my car may be a dog on your model. You'll need to either find an example and listen to it or take a punt like most of us do. Opinions and recommendations are cheap but you'll be buying the hardware so it'll be good if it is what you want.

    If all you want is to replace the muffler, you should keep in mind the other components like cat converters, resonators and so on that are also part of the system.
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    Thanks. You make a good point. I guess I was hoping someone may have traveled this path with the the same model and had some experience to share. FWIW I did a res delete and it didnít make a difference at all. So I think the next step is to investigate catback systems or perhaps a DP... I guess that part of the fun.

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    Improved performance and sound aren't necessarily linked. You said sound so the rear muffler is a place to start. The mid pipe components are tuned for the OE muffler so you may get drone or whatever, and may not. A DP may make no difference at all to sound, so a potentially expensive buy just for sound if it doesn't deliver.

    It's a fine balance between just getting a sound you like or being bitten and starting to make further improvements via whole exhaust systems, tunes, uprated components and the list never ends. If you think you'll go that path then your exhaust choices are likely to be a lot more specific from day one to save buying and then discarding bits.
    C5 RS6: Sportec, Milltek & Wagner -- B5 RS4 : tastefully modified -- Audi 1.8 quattro 132 Kw -- UNIMOG 404 TLF8

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