If one of your New Year's resolutions is to stay on top of all the latest car news, this is your chance to level up!
As you wind down from the holiday season and get ready to return to work, it’s important to have the latest car news to keep you sane.
If you can’t sneak a look at the CarExpert website while you’re at work, we have a stack of other resources you might find handy. We’ll update the list below as more services are added to the list.
Google News

If you’re an Android user or have the Google application installed, it’s likely you’re using some form of Google News. Our latest car news, latest car reviews, new video content, and opinion pieces are automatically added to Google News as soon as they publish.
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RSS Feeds

If you’re like me, your favourite news sites all live within an RSS feed. We have a number of options for RSS feed users, so just pick the one that suits you.


We add all of our latest car news and car reviews to Flipboard. It’s a great website, and a fantastic application for flipping through the latest car content.
Find CarExpert on Flipboard here. Once you’re on our page, hit follow to stay up to date.
Social media

We love sharing our content on social media. You can find CarExpert on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram using the links below. Make sure you follow us to stay up to date!

Our authors all use various forms of social media too. If you’d like to follow any or all of our writers, simply visit the CarExpert Team page to find social media links and descriptions of our journalists.

Each week our team of experts gets together and shares their views on the automotive world through our podcast. We post a weekly update in our latest car news feed and also under the podcast category, but you can subscribe directly using your favourite platform below.


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