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Thread: Software issue?

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    2015 S3 hatch, 70K, just after a servicing I noted the following problems: -Proximity key doesn't work; must press the open/lock buttons to function
    -Every time I start the car I get a message: "battery low, will charge while driving"; my battery is new, less than 2 months
    -Back up camera doesn't work: when I shift to "R", the switch on the dash lights up and the side and back proximity alarms
    will activate but nothing on the monitor screen.
    -The automatic "engine off when stopped" no longer works.

    These seem like something got reset; there doesn't seem to be anything I can set to correct these problems. Any ideas?

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    It all points to a battery issue. Did you use a genuine or aftermarket one as replacement?

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    But none of these issues manifested for 6+weeks until the servicing.

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    The start/stop engine feature points to a battery issue.. take it back where you serviced and get them to check it..
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