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Thread: Any C6 RS6 Owners near Orange NSW?

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    Default Any C6 RS6 Owners near Orange NSW?


    I've been looking into buying a C6 RS6 and I was wondering/hoping that I could see one in real life and more importantly ride in one to see if it's really what I want.

    Any C6 RS6 owners willing to take me for a 5 minute ride and have a bit of a chat about them at the same time?

    I could come to you of course, unless you wanted to take her on a small road trip.

    Here's hoping

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    Only just seen this but I’d take you for a ride sometime. I’ve got a sedan, it’s a hell of a car, big and heavy but it has a brute of an engine that is just wow.I’ve had it about 2 years, bought it with 60,000km had to replace the radiator, the front suspension arms in that time but for what it is I would call it trouble free, though I am pretty gentle on it I guess. All the torque is there all the time.

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