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Thread: Another Audi B8 S4 Sedan

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    Talking Another Audi B8 S4 Sedan

    Hi Everyone,

    I used to be on here a fair bit when I owned my first Audi which was a Facelifted 8P S3 Manual. Great car, never had a problem, I did get used to the power rather quick and then kids came along so had to move it on as it never really got driven except to and from work. Fast forward 3 or so years on and I find my self needing a hobby and having something that gets me out of the house.

    I completed a lot of research on several different cars and was originally looking at the RS3's (as well as a v10 TT rs6) however with the help and wise words of one particular OZAUDI Veteran I ended up landing on a B8 or B8.5. I did some digging and found the one I ended up buying so here she is.

    Car had the mechatronic replaced under warranty by Audi Mossman. So I'm guessing they replaced it with a revised non faulty unit, right?

    Factory Options
    Audi Drive Select with Electronic Dampers (Sport Diff)
    Metallic Paint
    Sline 19"
    Sports Seats
    B and O Sound System
    Reversing Camera
    TV tuner
    Updated AMI (?)

    Current Modifications
    189mm FluidAmpr crank pulley
    57mm supercharger pulley
    ECS X Pipe
    Unitronic Stage 3 Tune for ECU
    Unitronic Stage 2 Tune for TCU
    B8.5 Steering Wheel
    B8.5 Shifter
    DBA T3 4000 Rotors Front and Back

    Planned Modifications (in order)
    Full Air intake (standard atm)
    Larger heat exchanger (probably 034)
    Upgraded Calipers (Q5 or Porsche dual pot)
    Standard Black Grille (maybe)
    Rear exhaust delete (maybe)

    Parts Ordered
    Rear sway bar from 034 motorsport
    Rear sway bar links from 034 motorsport
    Dragy module (just curious of it's 0-100km times is all)

    Planned Repairs
    Front end bushes (booked in with Pedders tomorrow for a check)
    Check condition of SC intercoolers
    Check carbon build on valves
    Replace PCV valve
    Fix diff oil leak
    Regular oil changes at around 5,000kms

    I don't plan on tracking the car, just the spirited drive here and there and the occasional drive back to Canberra. The car is in excellent condition for it's age and I was shocked when I jumped into it just how well it has been kept so I plan on doing the same and maybe even restoring it to even better condition as time goes by. Car has 68,000kms on it currently and I really feel like I snapped up a rather fine and well looked after example of a B8.

    Anyways, apologies in advance for now becoming an active member as I tend to say my mind without thinking much. I look forward to learning more about these cars and hopefully getting into learning VCDS as well.

    I finally got around to giving her a good wash and even topped up her ceramic coat with some AMP from The Last Coat. Came up really nice.

    Pictures (it didnt like me uploading from my pc or my url's)

    I have a video of my first ever launch in her but probably best to not put that up :)

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    awww such a warm welcome

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    Congrats on picking up the B8 S4 pklifter - they're an impressive car with good useable power.

    Looks like you've bought yourself a clean and well specced example too. Probably gets along quite nicely too with the mods.

    Here is one of your pics - might make it easier for others to see (rather than having to click through to the link).

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    Thanks for the sympathy reply, honestly!

    I ended up getting a dragy and she ended up pulling a 4.5s 0-100km. Yet to test out the full 1/4mile yet though.

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