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    Default Ranking The 10 Greatest Audis Ever Made | HotCars

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    Something wrong with that list - no B7 RS4??

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    All about what you might consider important in a car. Different folks, different strokes. For instance, is the B5 S4 more significnt than the B5 RS4? It may be as the RS model was just a remake using better quality components and expertise (Cosworth) than that which came from the factory. This same arguement can be used across many of the cars. Quattro is one attribute that must feature, and it is probably more impressive in a bread and butter car than in a top of the range. Still, it gives writers / people something to write about.
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    It seems that the article is more about "greatest" performance Audis than simply "greatest" Audis. Everyone will have their own takes on what makes greatness. I'm surprised the UR didn't make the list as a performance vehicle. As for greatest Audis in general, I would expect the 100 (CD) should make the cut. It made aerodynamics a topic in modern car design (at the time).

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