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Thread: 2010 B8 S4 Audi Select electronic adjustable suspension question.

  1. Default 2010 B8 S4 Audi Select electronic adjustable suspension question.

    Hi guys, new member Toad here, need some help/advice please. Have the above vehicle with full Audi Select option, and soon will need new front struts/shock absorbers. The price from Audi agent is sky-high, and my friends at FCP Euro in the USA can't help with these specific parts (maybe US spec cars did not have this particular suspension fitted). Can anyone suggest where I might go to purchase replacement front adjustable struts/shock absorbers, or if necessary get the existing tired ones rebuilt? Part numbers are 8FO413029 and 8FO413030. Thanks for your input.


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    give the guys at european autotech to see if they can help.

    For overseas, try ECS Tuning..

    Your part number is wrong. It should be 8F0 (zero)...

    Search SiteSearch 8F0413029 - 8F0413029B - Front Sport Strut - Left (8F0 413 029 B) (

    EDIT: FCP also have it

    Audi Strut Assembly - Genuine Audi VW 8F0413029 | FCP Euro

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    Thanks a lot for that advice - much appreciated.

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