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Thread: Treating hardened, almost brittle leather

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    Default Treating hardened, almost brittle leather

    Hey guys, I've recently and as far as I can tell without cause had a 'stretch mark' or something form on one of my rear seats -

    The surrounding napa leather is all fine, still supple and flexible, but this is quite tough and feels as though it could crack easily.
    Wondering if there were any recommendations for leather repair or conditioning for something like this, or if I have to go down the route of having the seat-panel replaced.


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    I would definately start with some leather cleaner... You'd be surprised what you will get on the cloth.

    Do this a few times (let it sit for a day inbetween)... Once it's clean, then put on some conditioner..

    That may be all it takes.

    Check out the guys at Car Care products.

    Search results for: 'leather cleaner' | Car Care Products Australia

    I personally use the Duragloss cleaner and conditioner

    Duragloss Leather Shampoo 236mL | Car Care Products Australia

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    Oh yea - I was sure nothing was spilled on there so didn't even think to try a cleaner, will give it a crack!

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    Long story short, no joy with cleaning + conditioning unfortunately. An auto trimmer said it's just the single panel that needs replacing so shouldn't be overly complex. Thanks for the help :)

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