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Thread: Noob to VAG - A4 B7 Quattro (2.0T) - Already have a mod list

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    Default Noob to VAG - A4 B7 Quattro (2.0T) - Already have a mod list


    This is my first VAG ever and my first AWD. Got myself a nice A4 B7 Quattro manual with a bit more than 100,000 kms. The car looks great but it's quite slow...
    I used to be a Ford fanboy but I decided it was time to navigate new waters. I've had many Fords, Chevys (Holden) and a couple of Bimmers (last was an e30 that i never finished).
    I'm a DIYer and I will do 95% of the things myself the only things I avoid are welding and body, because I really suck at it and fitting tyres because it sucks.
    First things I'm doing to my A4 will be a suspension refresh (I'm actually looking for recommendations for rear arms bushings as I can't seem to any lost in the internet), replace my gearbox and rear diff for the 02X from the 1.8T (I want the shorter final drive), mod my centre diff to 4:1 ratio and obviously a tune to see if the car gets "less lazy" (recommendations).
    Ultimatelly I'm seeking for great handling and POWAAAAAA!
    I'm also not a purist and I hope this dos not offends anyone here.

    Nice to meet y'all.


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    Feel free to experiment all you wish. Probably worth remembering that euro cars are from a different mindset. As a generality, Yanks measure their cars by standing start accelleration whereas the euro is more about speed on the road. Later Audi are more cross over and have world class standing start accelleration from the ultimate sports models but that is more an outcome of good engines and auto boxes than outright intent.

    You may and may not be happy with the outcome and if you aren't, it may be because you're trying to make the car something it isn't. I've had a range of the old supercars and in their day they were rock stars. Now, the basic engineering approach of yesteryear is all too obvious.
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    Software wise (I had APR and it woke the car up considerably, 034 may have a more up to date tune). Overall I was very pleased with Stage 2 APR. Once you pass Stage 2 area the motor really reaches a point where you either have to upgrade HPFP and downpipe or go bigger turbo which can be costly with the added software & injectors. At this point upgrades can surpass the cost of the car considering it's now a 15+ year old model.
    Sway bars will improve handling and a lower ride height (Springs/kit/coils). You can get RS4 arms or fit powerflex bushings which is what i did.
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    Hey! New owner myself, already started looking what was available.

    These guys offer two (fairly stiff) durometer bush options,

    full kit for a B7 would cost around 400 euros, somewhat cheaper than most options!

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