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Thread: S3 8l - completely loosing boost

  1. Default S3 8l - completely loosing boost

    New Audi owner and new to the forum, looking forward to becoming an active member here.

    Anyway, my S3 has a strange boost issue that I can't find the root of.

    From cold, I'll usually have boost from anywhere between 5-30 minutes. Then all of a sudden it's gone, so it's either an all or nothing kind of deal. After letting the car sit for an hour or so it usually comes back but then is lost again even quicker.

    I thought maybe the blow off valve was getting stuck in the open position but I removed it today and can't really see how that would be the case. Also, when boost is gone I'm still getting the little zishh between shifts.

    I'm not really sure how or what to check in regards to the turbo and the nature of the issue makes me feel like it's not the turbo (very unsure about this though).

    The only other component in the system that I could find that might make sense is the valve control solenoid? could it be this and how would I go about determining it?

    Any advice/tips greatly appreciated, cheers.

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    What about a crack/split in one of the pipes?

    They will expand with heat...

    Do you have access to vagcom to check for errors?

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    All the pipe work was checked by the garage and is apparently intact.

    I can’t quite picture how a crack could result in a 100 to 0 boost loss in the space of one shift. I’ll give it another check if all else fails though.

    Don't have immediate access to vagcom.
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    Is it possible for the waste gate actuator to get stuck in the open position? but then be closed/functioning again when the car is cold?
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