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Thread: Best Audi S3 Stage 1 Tune - Revo, APR or Evolve Technik

  1. Default Best Audi S3 Stage 1 Tune - Revo, APR or Evolve Technik

    Hi all,

    Any advice on the best stage 1 tune for an 2019 Audi S3. Have been looking at the Revo, APR or
    Evolve Technik.

    Any advice on quality, reliability and performance is much appreciated.


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    Have you considered custom tunes?
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    Depending on what your future intentions are with further tuning/upgrades, if you only want a stage 1/2 flash then off the shelf is reasonable, I have revo in my A3 daily, it's not a s3. Revo is very similar to APR only slightly more aggressive in my experience.
    If you want to do big turbo later on or want the extra power then custom may provide better results. I've heard some good results and feedback from V-Tech Aus for the 2.0T platform if you're in Melbourne, I personally haven't dealt with them.
    Call Volkwerke in Doncaster if you want to discuss the tunes they can supply.
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