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Thread: Cheeky noob question :D

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    Hey all,
    So I just got a B5 quattro and (predictably) the rear bearings are shot. Now, I have a press and can do them no worries but.. does anyone in Adelaide have the "special tool" for doing them without removing the rear arms that I can hire? (Eg the Schwaben tool kit.) PM me, thanks <3

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    So, did this the other week - was actually surprisingly easy. The worst part was trying to follow the manual and tighten the rear control arm bolt while the wheels where in position, which in hindsight makes zero sense since there's a balljoint at the end of it. OK Audi

    I will say they are a little awkward to press back in, I ended up using some 1.5kg weight plates as spacers as they fit just nicely into the void at the back of the hub. Otherwise not a terrible job!

    Oh, also - if there are any Audi mechanics in Adelaide who potentially worked on a burgundy 2000 1.8t GP edition - thank you for putting anti-seize on the abs sensor! Came out with a gentle pull.

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    nice one, it's a good feeling when you can do the work yourself!

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