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Thread: Seat side trim loose/broken - Service Bulletin - 2015-2017 Mk3

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    Default Seat side trim loose/broken - Service Bulletin - 2015-2017 Mk3

    Recently bought a second hand 2015 Mk3 and noticed gaps and broken plastic clips on the seats between the leather and the plastic side trim.

    Found references online to a Service Bulletins for this exact issue: 2016 Audi TT Seat Technical Service Bulletins (
    "The material used in the construction of the trim pieces is of insufficient strength and can break under normal use."
    Seems for the fix "The trim material was changed to ABS plastic which is significantly stronger than the old material. The new ABS plastic that is being used does require the side airbag to be replaced."

    Has anyone had this issue and gone through the replacement process with the dealerships for this? I have extended warranty so I'm hoping it's going to an easy process, however other non-Audi brands I've dealt with in the past, even with new cars under normal warranty, have always been a pain.
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    Yes, passenger side - it's a well known issue in the early mk3's - mine is April 16.

    Dealer fixed while under warranty without any issues. Driver's side has never been a problem (yet!)

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