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Thread: B5 A4 fuel gauge malfunction

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    Hi Gbomer,
    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to resolve my fuel gauge issue. The fault code indicates there's a short somewhere ("00771 - Fuel Level Sensor (G) 29-00 - Short to Ground"). I think I know the wire that's the culprit, but I'm reluctant to pull the whole dash out to trace the wiring harness.
    Hopefully your problem is a sender issue, as that's the easiest to fix. Have you measured across the plug at the sender unit (pins 2 & 3) to see if it gives a variable resistance? From memory it should be from around 40 ohms for full up to 200-something for empty. Rock the car to slosh the fuel in the tank around and the ohm meter reading should move too. In my original post, I included the circuit diag with the relevant parts highlighted. If the ohm readings indicate a faulty sender, it's not too hard to remove the sender from the tank, just make sure the tank's not full and have good fuel-resistant gloves. The sender is just a dumb variable resistor, so if it is not giving a proper reading, it could just be a broken wire or a gummed up 'slider'. If the sender checks out though, then I'm afraid you're in the same boat as me chasing either a wiring fault in the loom or a problem on the gauge itself, which is integrated in the cluster, so I can't see how it could be fixed individually without a degree in Electronic Engineering!!

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    Did you swap the cluster. That will eliminate/confirm whether it’s the cluster or harness. I have the pinouts for the cluster if you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Staffanski View Post
    The fault code indicates there's a short somewhere ("00771 - Fuel Level Sensor (G) 29-00 - Short to Ground").
    Short to ground means the circuit is open ie the fuse blown
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